Travel balls up No. 2

This time it was my fault, kind of.  Due to being delayed 2 days in Mexico I had to cut short my plans in Belize (basically I didn’t have time to go scuba diving).  I had decided to get a mid morning bus (the earliest) to Tikal (Mayan temples) in Guatemala.  No buses from Belize go directly there but there is a junction you can get off at, instead of carrying onto a town called Flores, and catch a microbus on towards Tikal.

 The border crossing was fine, the problems started when we reached the junction, I was the only one who wanted to go to Tikal that evening and there was only one bus.  70 dollars was the quoted price as I would be the sole occupant and after displaying my displeasure I was told that if I booked onwards travel we could come to a deal about the transport to Tikal.   I was  then driven 2km down the road to his office where after much discussion and virtually no movement in price I decided I would just book the onward travel and get an early bus the next morning to Tikal with others to share the price.  I was just about to agree to his price for a journey to Antigua (which is on the other side of the country) when he said I had to pay for the trip from the junction to the office.  That was the final straw, my patience had finally gone beyond breaking point so I walked out and headed back towards the junction with the plan of walking to Flores.  Naively until I saw a sign I thought it was a couple of kilometers down the road, in fact it was 28km.  Thankfully there was a microbus heading in that direction just beyond the junction.  It was crammed but 100 times better than walking, it dropped me in the neighbouring town anf I then caught a tuktuk to Flores.  

Finally I was in the right place, albeit over an hour later and about 7 dollars worse off than had I just stayed on the bus in the first place.  I was just walking along when I spotted an older couple from my bus who also recognised me and we chatted about my escapades which they found very funny.  I then found a hostel and booked tickets for both Tikal and Antigua which was 2.5 times cheaper than what Mr Taxi Man had offered.  At least that was one correct decision I made.  Time to chill before a very early start tomorrow morning.

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