Easter Sunday

I woke just after 7 and in an Easter spirit I went to a French bakery and bought myself a cinnamon swirl (it was the closest I could get to a hot cross bun). I then went for a coffee to chill and catch up with emails etc. After a relaxed start I decided that as I couldn’t go to El Salvador today as planned because no busses were running and seeing as I wouldn’t understand 99% of a Spanish sermon I would climb the Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross) which looks over Antigua. Not knowing the way I went a rather unorthodox (excuse the pun) way to the top. The views did not disappoint and it was interesting to see where everything was in relation to each other from an aerial perspective as well as have a clearer view of Volcan de Agua.

After returning from my wander I was very domesticated and did some washing, in a sink, with a bar of soap. Surprisingly they all smelled good once I had finished with them, getting them dry in this weather was no problem either. The ostentatious celebrations for Semana Santa (Holy Week) continued throughout the day, aside from the processions of floats and worshipers and musicians there was also a group of men going round setting off firework like explosions every 5 or so minutes throughout the whole day. One would set of a string of fire crackers, over a metre long, making a series of quick, loud bangs; immediately after another man would set off a mini mortar, dropping the mortar into a vertical metal pipe it would shoot about 50m into the air and explode, making a sound like a cannon and being herd right across the town. It was so loud that it frequently set off car alarms and made me jump on a few occasions when I wasn’t aware they were being set off. Slightly different to the English church service I normally attend on Easter Sunday.


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