El Salvador

I thought El Salvador (The Saviour) was a very appropriate place to visit after Easter Sunday.  The bus I got was headed to San Salvador, the capital city.  According to google maps the journey should have taken 4.5 hours, in fact it took over 9 with a stop at the border of and hour and a half.  Aside from the length the journey was actually fine, I sat next to a very friendly German girl called Christina who works in New York and was the only other foreigner on the bus we chatted a lot and as we neared San Salvador we discussed hostels and it transpired we were staying at the same one (it was the cheapest), I navagated us there from the bus terminal but when we arrived it was Christina’s Spanish which came in handy.  It was useful once again when we went out for dinner at a local ‘restaurant’ where we both had different local dishes at a very reasonable price.

San Salvador itself is unlike any city I have previously been to (which is a fair amount as this is the 39th country I have visited), it is clearly far more afluent than neighbouring countries; it has well paved roads and Western shops and brands poking out of every corner but it also has the 3rd highest murder rate of any city in the world thanks to a number of large rival gangs who virtually run parts of the city; thankfully though I’m not staying in one of them.  It has been described before as the city of two sides of the coin and I have to say I couldn’t agree more.

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