Tranquility – My little piece of paradise

I got up at 0630 and after a breakfast of fresh fruit, natural yogurt and granola (I don’t know what’s come over me either) I went to a nearby hotel which does shuttles, for $10, to a lake 20km away, Laguna de Apoyo, at least they did, the girl at the front desk said they hadn’t done that for ages. I did consider hiring a bicycle and cycling there but I didn’t fancy 40km with my rucksack on a mountain bike in +25°C heat. I also went to ‘taxi rank’ and enquired about prices, $13 one way, not good. my search then took me to another hostel, this one offering round trips and a day at a resort which included free kayak hire etc and cost $13 for both ways and the resort ($6 on its own).

The lake itself was unbelievable, the water was unbelievably clear and due to the fact that they don’t allow boats with engines on the lake it was completely pollution free, add to the fact that the water was probably in the high teens (if not the twenties) of the Celsius temperature range it made for arguably the most pleasurable swim I have experienced. The resort had a number of sun loungers, hammocks and comfy chairs to relax in so I was able to consume a fair amount of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace between swims, yet another place that if I had more time I could easily stay for much longer, I was envious of the people who were staying there overnight.


I was back in Granada by 1630 so decided I would go to the one ‘sight’ I hadn’t been to yet, it was the old railway station which had a few railcars in fairly good condition still on the old rails. When I got there the platform was being used for Karate practice and it was clear it had been disused for many years and was part of a bygone era, however still interesting to see. Another thing which is interesting to see is the street nightlife, virtually all the restaurants (certainly all the ones in the main tourist areas) have the seating outside. To entertain the diners and gain a few coins for their trouble there are a number of street entertainers including a ‘giant’, a well dressed brass band and a guitar wielding man who plays Latin American pieces, combined they all make dinner slightly more interesting. There is of course the mandatory people watching to be done but there are only so many Americans you can listen to discussing dining options. Tomorrow is an early start as I head to San Jose, Costa Rica on yet another bus.

Granada Railway station which had long since been out of use


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