From the city to the jungle

Having been up before 0630 for the previous few days I decided to sleep in until 0830 where I answered emails and messages and went in search of breakfast, hardly anywhere was open because it was a Sunday but I did find a supermarket which was open so I bought 4 apples, across the road was a bakery and to make up for the healthiness of the apples I bought two cheese and ham pastries for breakfast and a ham and salad baguette for lunch.  Back to my hostel where I lounged beside the pool and read away the remainder of the morning.

The hostel with a pool, you wouldn’t think it was led than 500m from the centre of the capital.



After lunch I headed across town to one of the many bus terminals.  It was a very bizarre place as it had recently been built as it was clean and modern but it was on a street where every building was run down.  Inside it has 3 floors, in the corner was a tickert office where I enquired about a ticket to Monteverde, a town up in the mountains.  The desk I needed was on the third food, when I got there I was told it was on the second floor, after the ups and downs I got the ticket I required.  The journey itself was through amazing scenery as many of the roads carved their way through the hills and forests but when we got within the last 20km of our 5 hour journey the road we were on turned to dirt.  Windows were hastily shut to prevent dust pilling in and the only other vehicles we saw were 4x4s.  When we got into town I quickly scrambled off so as not to be caught up with all the other revellers who had bags underneath the bus and went in search of dinner.  A restaurant advertising Costa Rican food caught my eye so I went on and sat down.  I ordered a mango juice and yet another variation of rice and chicken (this one was more a sort of fried rice with chillies and the mandatory side salad {lettuce and tomatoes}). When the mango juice arrived I was gobsmacked, it was huge at least 3/4 of a litre of freshly blended mangoes, it was so thik that the straw I was given stood up straight, the rice and chicken was also a big affair with an oversized plate coming out with rice pilled high.  Even if the food tasted bad (which it didn’t) this little place would’ve been good value, I think I might just have to return tomorrow to try more of their menu.

Today’s stead at the rest stop

After being fed I walked to my hostel which I had booked earlier today and after going through the normal rigmorale of giving my name etc I was told that they have a one day booking policy (whoch i the first place I’ve ever stayrd which has one) so they didn’t have any spaces for me.  The guy at the desk was fairly helpful and rang another hostel which did have rooms, he gave me a map and directions but I couldn’t find the place (and normally I’m pretty good) when I was backtracking a guy shouted at me saying he had a room, at a cheaper price than either of the other hostels so I agreed.   I’m glad I did because I got my own room and it was possibly the cleanest I’ve said in on the trip and it certainly has the nicest bedding of anywhere I’ve stayed, plus the staff are really friendly. A win win situation for me.

4 thoughts on “From the city to the jungle

  1. You can do a train and bus combination to Nepal but there are no trains directly to Nepal. If time isn’t on your side then flying would certainly be quicker.


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