Back to the city

Yet another breakfast of rice, beans and eggs (not that I think I will ever bore of it) was followed by a meander to a coffee shop, I had already achieved what I had come to Monteverde for yesterday so I had nothing on my agenda other than finding a coffee shop, sitting down with an americano and reading all morning.

The coffee was strong (just how I like it), black (because that’s what an americano is and thankfully I wasn’t offered milk like in the many, uneducated UK coffee shops I have frequented) and locally grow (literally 2km away on the surrounding hills). The book was one I had picked up 10 minutes previously from my hostel and was called Breakfast for Two which is worth a read in my mind. I whiled away the time reading and stayed there long after I had finished my coffee and the cup had been taken away but the staff didn’t mind so I stayed, some 200 odd pages later I went for lunch and continued to read. With only about an hour until my bus back to San Jose it was only natural I found a sunny step to sit on and finish the book. Not the most exciting morning I’ve had during this trip but its certainly up there with the most enjoyable. The afternoon was of course spent on the bus where you had to choose from death by heat exhaustion or dust inhalation as there was no air-conditioning so the windows had to be open, I opted for the dust inhalation.

I’ll miss waking up to this.

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