The last border

San Jose to Panama City is a 15 hour bus ride and as such requires suitable preparation. Wanting to rid myself of my last Colones (Costa Rican currency) I went to the same bakery as a couple of days ago and bought myself a selection of different pastries for breakfast and lunch, across the road I bought some more apples and water for the journey. Getting across town in midweek, midday traffic was a constant game of weaving in and out of the general population.

When we eventually arrived at the Panama border we were quickly stamped out of Costa Rica then I walked to the Panama side with Stephan (my new Dutch friend) where again it was a fairly quick process. We then had to wait and wait and finally we were taken off to a room (all of us from the bus that is) and wrote out a customs declaration form, mine was rejected the first time because I had made a mistake and scribbled it out and the second time the official only looked in the top of my bag so I could easily have been carrying firearms or kilograms of cocaine for all their security checks. Either way it wasted plenty of time but as it turned out not nearly enough as we arrived at the Panama Central Bus Station at 0300 instead of the expected 0500 which would’ve been fine as that’s when the busses and subway start to run. Stephan and I decided we would stay at the terminal until the subway started as we weren’t going to be allowed into our respective hostels until much later anyway. So I am writing this from the terminal at 0346 on some open WiFi hotspot, so no photos until I find some decent enough to upload some.


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