‘Home’ with jet lag

The funny thing about travelling half way round the world is that your body syncs to that time zone so when you return you arre then out of sync with your previous norm, commonly known as Jet Lag and something I am suffering from right now as I write this at 0332 (GMT +1) whereas it is only 20.32 in Panama which is where my head thinks I am. Not all that helpful as I need to be ‘awake’ for work in a little of 3 hours time. Maybe I shall just pull an all-nighter.

Back in Germany, speaking Spanglish (Spanish/English)

So ‘today’ I flew from the Dominican Republic (which I didn’t get to visit https://saynototourguides.com/2016/04/10/and-for-a-bonus-point-dominican-republic/) to Frankfurt then hoped onto a train to Gutersloh (where I am based with the British Army).  It was odd going ‘home’ to a foreign country and it was even stranger transferring between two non-native languages.  I’ll admit the transition from broken Spanish to broken German wasn’t smooth, it took me a while to wonder why the girl behind the ticket rest didn’t understand my poor Spanish accompanied by hand gestures, when I realised my mistake I did the same hand gestures with some German thrown in (and probably some French). She clearly understood as she answered my request in perfect English. I also answered a question from the ticket guard with si, I wouldn’t have said I picked up much Spanish whilst I was away but clearly my mind had started to think in the foreign tongue. 

As with any holiday there is the depressing reality of unpacking, doing washing and preparing for the next day at work, I’ll admit that staying up all night might not be setting me up for the best Monday morning in the world but I’m sure its nothing a little bit off coffee can’t sort out.


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