Never End Peace And Love (4)

Day 4 Final preparations for the trek


After a rather lazy start at 09.00 I headed to the ‘Snowman’ along Freak Street which was recommended by Rough Guides made famous for where John Lennon wrote Kathmandu. The customer service was non-existent (literally nobody showed for 5 minutes) and it really wasn’t anything special inside so I decided to leave and went 10m down the road to a much nice place and had some momos for about 20p.

My wandering took me 6km southwards over the river which stank so much I had to hold my breath, past some well overgrown temples, which were surely once glorious, into Patan which is technically the third largest city in Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara.  I lost track of time and had to rapidly make my way back to the hotel to meet Aashman again so he could check through my kit, which was all thankfully in order. The sun was up still so I headed onto the rooftop terrace to read, after half an hour an American girl called Charlotte came up and we started chatting. She invited me out to dinner with 2 of her friends which was more momos, but a larger variety this time, Charlotte and I shared a mixed platter which had 4 different types.  You might have guessed but momos are rapidly becoming my favourite food.

One of the dilapidated temples by the river

Later on back at the hotel I checked my emails then went to find Charlotte’s room where she was also catching up on her blog, we arranged to meet up in Thailand in a couple of months’ time.  I have a 05.20 start to look forward to so I can catch a 06.30 flight to Lukla.

2 thoughts on “Never End Peace And Love (4)

  1. Hahaha, lazy start at 09:00. That’s ridiculously early for me but I am a student at the moment. Really need to get used to early starts before I go travelling don’t want to miss the beautiful mornings

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    1. Haha, unfortunately in my job lie ins are rare but getting up early when travelling is easy as you have something worthwhile getting up for 🙂


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