Never End Peace And Love (9)

Day 9  Lukla- Monjo (2835m)


Today was more the sort of acclimatisation day I was expecting when I first started the expedition. We gained roughly no height but travelled several km up the valley. Along the way we crossed a number of cable bridges spanning the river, the longest was probably about 100m. Around lunchtime Aashman bumped into his nephew who invited him into lunch and to my surprise Aashman told me to carry on without him saying he would catch up. 45 minutes later he arrived to the spot I had stopped to read, he was smiling and in a great mood whereas I was hungry having not eaten. We carried along the trail through the TIMS (mountaineering permit) checkpoint where Aashman told the man we were going to Everest BC.  Basically as long as nobody sees us on the mountain we won’t have to pay a $700 fine.  At the lodge that night there was only one other Westerner, a middle-aged American who spoke fluent Nepali who spoke to the guides all evening which left me plenty of time alone to finish my book Waiter Rant, a humorous read if you ever pick it up.


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