Never End Peace And Love (12)

Day 12 Deboche- Dingboche (4410m)


We awoke to snow, not drifts of it but a good inch blanketed the whole area. At 08.30 I said goodbye to the aussis and we parted ways. At the settlement Orsho we stopped for tea and noodle soup (another thing that was becoming standard to my diet).  Whilst sat there I got talking to a fellow traveller, Mike a Canadian who is heading to Everest BC, so I expect to see quite a lot of him from now on.  I hope he is staying at the same lodge tonight otherwise it could be quite dull if I am the only westerner staying there.

A Yak, something which is becoming a regular sight.

Today was the most picturesque day so far as everywhere we passed had had a covering of snow so the surrounding mountains looked even more majestic than normal.  A truly special place to be.

Despite the sun it is very cold

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