Never End Peace And Love (14)

Day 14  Dingboche- Thukla/ Dugla (4620m)


As usual we were planning on leaving at 08.00 but after getting final bits of kit and food we ended up leaving at 09.00. Both our packs were heavier but I think mine was slightly lighter out of the two. The days walk itself started steeply, it was uphill for 10 minutes but then plateaued for virtually the rest of the day. After just 2 hours we arrive at our lodge for the night, hardly the most taxing of days.

Tomorrow we head for Lobouche Base Camp then summit the day after (23rd). We saw our nemesis for the first time today and I can happily say it doesn’t look like a walk in the park, we’ll have to wait and see how hard it is when we get there. Before dinner we walked up to a pass where there were many memorials to people who had died on Everest and a few of the surrounding mountains, another humbling reminder of the dangers of high altitude mountaineering.

The next 2 days are going to be big ones.

The first sight of Lobouche East

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