Never End Peace And Love (17)

Day 17 Thukla- Kyangjuma


My alarm went off at 07.00 but I stayed in bad another half hour because I knew that the owners weren’t early risers (we had stayed here a few days previously), sure enough once I had dressed and packed they were still in bed. We eventually leave at 08.30ish. It was pretty much a steady downhill to Dingboche where Aashman dropped some climbing gear and picked up some clothes at a friend/relatives house after nearly an hour there we set off again and by now it was 11.30.

At one point we had a small uphill section during which Aashman stopped ¾ the way up and asked if I wanted a break, I was fine so said we should carry on. He then proceeded to ask if my feet and knees were ok because I was “getting very tired” I replied saying it was my injuries picked up in the fall yesterday, unsurprisingly this was met by silence. The topic of the fall came up a couple of times during the day and again and again I was told we were “very lucky”. Thankfully the rest of the day was downhill or flat and was only interrupted by a couple of short breaks. Along the way we passed a police checkpoint but weren’t stopped as they aren’t interested in people leaving.

Tonight we are staying at his nephew’s lodge. His nephew was in Kathmandu and his nephew’s wife was still out somewhere bringing a horse from one of the neighbouring villages. We had to wait an hour and a half for her to arrive but the wait was worth it as we were treated to a lovely dinner of Dal Bhat (one of my all-time favourite meals).

On the final uphill of the day
Assman de-kitting

4 thoughts on “Never End Peace And Love (17)

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  1. I think I paid about £230 a couple of years ago, I am sure there is an updated version of it out by now and I imagine that would be a similar price.


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