Never End Peace And Love (18)

Day 18 Kyangjuma- Namche Bazar


Last night my room didn’t have a curtain over the window and my bed was right beside it so it meant I had an amazing view and could see Amadablam when I woke up (which was lightly earlier than I would have liked). Again it was a very long wait for food for breakfast but interesting to watch. After many many cups of tea we left at round 1000 as we only had a short walk to Namche. We arrived after just an hour and a half of walking, making it our shortest day yet, but it still equated to an 8h average over the previous 3 days. I definitely welcomed the rest. We stayed at the same lodge as we did on the journey to Lobouche but when we arrived there was no one around. I remember having an acute sense of de ja vu thinking that we would be hanging around for quite some time, but surprisingly less than 10 minutes later the owner appeared and let us in. The highlight of the day was the toilet, it was extremely nice to have a sit down, flush toilet rather than having to squat.  I spent the remainder of the day writing and reading (and drinking tea of course)

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