Never End Peace And Love (20)

Day 20 Lukla- Thamel


My alarm woke me with its annoying tone (chosen for just this reason) at 05.30. The reason for waking so early was because I was flying back to Kathmandu. After dressing and packing I was ready to leave, downstairs at 10 to 6. The previous night Aashman had said 06.30 was when we needed to be ready by so this gave me plenty of time to have my breakfast (hot muesli.) 6.30 came and went so I ask the manager to go to Assman’s room and check that he was awake, he was and at 7 he finally came down.

I was told I was on the second flight of the day although I heard 4 planes come and go, before mine. 45 minutes later I had my ticket in hand, my bag had been checked in and I was through security, in the departures lounge which was more like a roomy cupboard with a few broken seats. After 20 minutes waiting in there we were moved outside, where we waited over an hour and a half watching a further couple of dozen planes come and go before ours finally arrives (so much for the second plane).

The dingy departure lounge

This wait did however give me time to read plenty of the book I was reading and study the police force. They really weren’t the most professional unit I have ever seen. Their strut wouldn’t have been out of place if it had been conducted by the sole cockerel in a 500 strong hen coup, their berets had been moulded and shaped by new recruits and their trousers had more creases than a prostitutes bed sheet, add that to the fact that they were all fat and suntanned so looked like umpaloompas in my mind it was a tragic sight. Compared to the  pilots though they were a good standard.  The pilots all wore tight leather jackets and looked like they had just come off the set for Top Gun and their strut made the police’s look like a self-conscious shuffle. I was confused to where their arrogance came from as they were hardly flying F16 fighter jets, anyway enough of my rant.

We land in KTM at 10.45 and almost an hour later I was back at my hotel where I collect my belongings which I didn’t take on the trek. Inside my rucksack was a cute letter from Charlotte saying how nice it was that we’d met etc. For lunch I went to the Himalayan Java Restaurant (recommended by Charlotte in her note). It was a totally awesome place, situated on the first story it overlooked one of the busiest roads in Kathmandu and it wouldn’t look out of place in any major city worldwide, apart from the price (£1.50 for a large pasta dish).

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