Start of the North American roadtrip

*photos to follow when a better wifi source is found*

The start of two weeks road-tripping Canada and the United States. From the Canadian prairies, down the West Coast to LA and then inland an back north through central USA. My travel partner and driver (because I’m not 25 and it would be C$30 a day extra for me) is Jeremy, a fellow Troop Commander.
We had to get a taxi into Medicine Hat (the nearest town) to hire a car. We picked up our rental car a Chrysler xxx (because a pickup or a muscle car were too expensive) and then hit the road straight away. Our first stop was Calgary, 3 hours west of Med Hat. We got lunch and clothes as we hadn’t anticipated having time off so were both unprepared in quantity of clothing required.

Our final destination was Banff, an idilic town in the Rockies, about an hour and a half west of Calgary. It’s an absolutely beautiful place and there were more Asians there than any other nationality and there were more there than in Windermere in the Lake District which is saying something. Once we’d dropped out bags in the YWCA hostel we went out for dinner. Nick, another troop commander, joined us later as he had driven out on his own as he only had the weekend off and didn’t finish until 1700. We went to a place where they had a live band and took great hilarity in watching the locals line dance and having absolutely no clue ourselves. Our english waitress felt our pain.

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