Across the Rockies

received_10155217998988362Day two of the trip started in Banff and ended in Vancouver, which for any of you who have seen a map of North America will appreciate it is a long old way. It is 800km or to all you American and British readers it is 500 miles. Nick had still had time before he needed to be back at Suffield so decided to join us on the first part of the journey to Lake Louise. I decided to experience the joys of a pickup so made the 56km journey to the lake sat about 2 foot higher than most other people on the road. The lake itself was beautiful, turquoise blue, nestled between the mountains, despite all the other people there it wasn’t too crowed and were able to pose for plenty of photos.

After departing the lake and saying goodbye to Nick we continued on Route 1, the Trans-Canadian highway. Only people who have driven through Banff National Park, over the Rockies, will ever understand how breathtaking every turn in the road is. The road snakes its way over and around the snow capped mountains and although not as famous as Lake Louise there were plenty of lakes which were impressive, all of which resulted in hundreds of postcard worthy views. There was no way we could ever have stopped enough to take pictures so I spent half the time leaning out the window, trying not to drop my camera, whilst attempting to get a half decent photo of what we were just passing. I certainly got a lot of pictures but some are of dubious quality.

After endless car karaoke moments we arrived in Vancouver at about 2130, we then spent another half an hour finding a parking space. We ventured out into Downtown in search of dinner, Jeremy was being fussy and turning down my suggestions so I said he had to pick, 5 minutes later we were sat down in a ‘pub’, 2 minutes later we then realised it was a gay bar. Not someone who finds situations awkward we decided to stay and have some food and a drink although we did ask for the bill rather quickly when people started coming in in drag and we realised this really wasn’t our scene. You could say it was an interesting day.

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