Having a whale of a time

We picked up breakfast and lunch at a local convenience store before making our way back onto the I-5. I navigated us out of town and to the coast, onto highway 101 which follows the Pacific coast.


Almost immediately we were rewarded with amazing views out to see and as the road hugged the coast we continued to be amazed. Where we stopped for lunch was a popular whale watching site and we weren’t disappointed. When we got there we straight away saw one, we climbed down the rocks to get closer to the ocean and when at the bottom one swam right past us, no more than 10m away, truly awesome. We stayed about half an hour spotting a number more and trying desperately to get a photo of one, the best either of us managed was one of the whale’s back or water spout.


During the afternoon we continued to follow the coast, occasionally darting inland, up through the woods. Although our route isn’t the most direct it is definitely the most beautiful. We stopped for dinner and went to a local diner but after waiting 10 minutes and not being served we went next door and had an amazing Mexican, it took me right back to my central american travels at easter. We slept in the car in the middle of the redwood forest to save money and time, leaving us just 200 miles to drive to San Fran the following day.received_10155217997888362

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