The Pirate

We explored the city after breakfast and then once we’d had our exercise for the day we went to one of the viewpoints for the bridge, unluckily for us it was still covered in cloud so the pictures are as equally exciting as yesterday. At 1300 we were meeting a friend of a colleague who said he would show us around the city and then we could stay the night at his. Micel worked down on one of the piers and is the activity coordinator for a company that runs school excursions in the bay and simulate being on a pirate ship, so when we met I asked him if he was a pirate and where his eye patch was, thankfully he took it well and we didn’t fall out at the first meeting.

Micel and me on the way to the shop

He had the afternoon off so after picking up some refreshments he took us out on one the boats from work. We sailed all round the bay area (me steering) with Micel providing commentary as we went. At one point we stopped on one of the islands and got chicken wings before heading back to the mooring. Coming back into San Fran the tide and wind were against us so we all got soaked by the waves crashing into the bow, still an incredible experience and definitely a situation where it’s not what you know but who you know.


The 3 of us went out for dinner then to a bar where we played some students at flip cup (google it, it’s an American thing) we were better at one part of the game than the other. Micel and his wife Julia lived the other side of the bay in a lovely flat in Oaklands where we slept in their living room.

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