The Rock

Having slept in the car last night to save both money and time we got up early, after a mediocre sleep (nothing like sleeping in the back of my Volvo) and went to find the Giant Redwood you can drive through, very touristy but how often do you get to drive through a tree? Unfortunately it wasn’t yet open and with a tight schedule to get to San Francisco we pushed on.

The coast road was now the number 1 which was just as stunning as the 101. It took us all the way down to the outskirts of San Fran where we rejoined the 101 to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite the bridge being completely covered in cloud it was a cool experience and you can just tell from the photos I took what we are crossing.


The rush for San Fran was because we had a ferry booked at 1550 to take us to Alcatraz Island to visit the prison at 1520 we were still searching for a space, by the time we had picked up our tickets and got the the queue it was 1546 so cutting it quite fine. Alcatraz itself is a cool experience, I hate to say it but the guided tour was very interesting and definitely worth using. You can also tell how bleak a place it would’ve been as a prison, until it closed in 1963.


Once back on the mainland we made our way to our hostel and then went to downtown San Fran for dinner. We pushed the boat out and went to a fairly nice Italian restaurant and the table next to us there was a couple clearly on a first date as both were obviously nervous and excitable. We  went to a bar which had 30 craft beers on tap, unfortunately they closed before we could try them all.

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