Half Dome

Both Julia and Micel had gone to work by 8 when we got up but Julia had left a note with suggestions for all the places to visit and stay on our route which was a lovely gesture. After a coffee we then attempted to leave the city although it wasn’t as easy as it probably should’ve been. We did finally make it onto the freeway which took us out of town and through Silicon Valley and onto Yosemite National park.

As is becoming a common theme the road into the National Park was an awesome road to drive down and when in the park it got even better. I am a climber and as such have an avid interest in all things to do with rock and rock climbing and anyone who shares my passion will know that Yosemite has some of the World’s most famous and hardest climbs as well as some incredible rock structures. Our first stop was at a view point, looking down the valley, it was here where we got out first view of Half Dome (no prizes for guessing why it was named that) which is arguably one of the most iconic mountains in the world. Further down we saw El Capitan with some climbers on the ‘Nose’ . The road winds round the bottom of the valley giving you views of all the mountains in the area, close up. Unfortunately we could stay for more than a short wander to take photos. It’s easily a place I could spend a week or more, hiking/climbing/cycling there. A definite must visit for everyone. We made our way out of the park and then headed south towards LA, parking up at a service about 90miles north of the city and once again sleeping in the car.

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