received_10155232331193362After an average nights sleep we had breakfast at the service station before continuing south through California to LA. We had a hard time traversing the city to find our hostel which was near the coast and Venice beach. After dropping our bags at the hostel we wandered down to the beach where we went for a swim in the very warm pacific before sanding along the sea front in search of some food. We had lunch at a little restaurant which had an amazing book shop next to it, I had to stop myself spending all my wage cheque on brand new travel books, which they had hundreds. I settled for getting some postcards instead.


In the afternoon, after washing and changing, we headed to Hollywood, via Beverly Hills. The houses in Beverly hills are big and undoubtedly the owners are rich but they weren’t quite as impressive as we had expected, I was almost disappointed. Hollywood itself was a bit of a let down too. The studios are meant to be very interesting and had we known exactly what our schedule was going to be in advance we would’ve booked tickets, as it was we had to resort to walking up and down the Walk of Fame and seeing, on the pavement in stars, celebrities names that we recognise and those we didn’t think should have one. It was all very loud and ‘American’. We had dinner there and left feeling rather underwhelmed.

The final thing we did was attempt to get the iconic picture of the Hollywood sign. Its illegal to go up the the 45 ft high letters and there is a fence blocking them off and a LAPD officer stationed at them 24/7 but we still wanted to get one from nearby. Unfortunately it was so dark that even though we could see the letters clearly on Mt Lee they couldn’t be seen in any picture we took.

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