Grand Canyon

We had breakfast at IHOP (international house of pancakes) which was great and somewhere I would recommend to anyone not on a diet. The drive to the Grand Canyon is about two and a half hours and takes you into Arizona (our 5th state of the trip). When we got there we found out that the entrance price was $50 for a 10 minute bus ride to view points and putting my ‘backpacker’ hat on I decided this was an extortionate price to pay so we decided to try and get round it.

We got back in our car and went in search of a dirt track to take us off the main road, unfortunately all the lines which might have taken us there were blocked off with no trespassing signs on them and with the American’s penchant for shooting people we decided we wouldn’t risk it. The only road which didn’t have barriers on it went down to a security gate, not 5 minutes after we had turned around and got back onto the main road a security truck raced down the track we had just been down, clearly in search of our car. Glad we dodged that bullet (figuratively and literally). Our last option was walking down which I was keen for but Jeremy was being boring/the voice of reason and said he wasn’t going to do it and I didn’t see the benefit of just pone of us doing it so we ended up biting the bullet and paying $50, which was the cheapest price out of about 10.

To be fair the views were completely breathtaking. The grandeur couldn’t be expressed through any photograph, if you haven’t been you will never understand how impressive it is and if you haven’t been you definitely should put it on your list. It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and for good reason. By the time we got back it was time for dinner so we hit the strip again.

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