Salt Lake City

We said goodbye to Las Vegas after getting our photo with the ‘welcome to Vegas’ sign and drove North out of the hustle and bustle and onto I-15 heading to Salt Lake City. As per the majority of the roads we have driven today’s one was an excellent drive. Even though it was an interstate driving through the desert you got amazing views, especially of the rock structures which lined the route which were similar albeit smaller than the rock formations that make the Grand Canyon. The road steadily gained height over the 421 miles between the two cities, with the temperature ever decreasing as we gained height. By the time we reached Salt Lake City the temperature had dropped from 33 degrees to just 14 degrees, our shorts which we had started the day out in were rather out of place with the snow sprinkled mountains surrounding our motel.

Pur accommodation was 10Xs better than our previous experience of a motel, it was clean and didn’t smell of smoke at all, the shower was also one of the best we’ve experience during the trip so we both made good use of it before going out for dinner. We had researched a good restaurant to go to but once our taxi had dropped us outside we saw that there was nobodyqk else inside, never a good sign however next door was full so we went there instead. This being Utah which has strange alcohol rules, all the beers were 3.5% or less so when we went to a bar after dinner the pints we ordered tasted very watered down and not that pleasant, we tried the bar next door to see if we would have any better luck and we were almost not let in because to be admitted to a bar you have to have US identification or a passport and as we had neither. it took a lot of persuasion and the showing of our military IDs to let us in, once in their selection of beer was better and so was the quality.

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