Kipping in the car

Breakfast was included in our stay so we made full use of that before making the most of the motel’s WiFi until check out time at 11. Our route was quite a simple one, it was ultimately just heading north but we made a slight detour to a shopping outlet as Jeremy had been wanting to go to a Under Armour shop since we arrived in the States. I can’t say I blame him as everything was much cheaper than online or in the UK and there was a pretty check out girl who was interested in our travels who I chated to so can’t complain either.


The highlight of the journey was reaching Teton National Park, which is just south of Yellowstone. We stopped at a large lodge for dinner which had impressive views of the mountains as well as super comfy sofas and log fires in the corner. Again we logged onto the free WiFi, I uploaded a couple of blog posts and an Instagram, whilst Jeremy caught up on the news of the day. At about 9 we left and drove further into the park and found a rest stop amongst the snow covered pines, I huge change in temperature from 2 days ago in Vegas. Again we were sleeping in the car but as it was so early still we decided to watch a film on Jeremy’s laptop, in our sleeping bags.  Exciting I know!!

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