French layover

I woke early to have breakfast, then explored a little more of Algiers before heading to the airport, hailing down a taxi after about 5 minutes walking. This was the first country I had tried to leave after the debacle I had in Israel but thankfully I wasn’t interrogated here and was allowed to pass through security to the departure lounge unhampered by security.

I was heading to Morocco but because the border between the two countries hasn’t been open since 1994 I had to take a detour via France, my flight was going to Lyon. When I landed, 2 hours after take off, I had a 12 hour layover in Lyon before my flight to Marrakech. Not wanting to waste my time at the airport I bought a train ticket and made my way to the city centre. Not knowing what the sights were I wandered around exploring until I happened upon a quaint cafe. It was called Madame a Lyon and was as typical a French cafe as you could imagine with a chique style decor, Parisian style music playing whilst I sat there with a strong black coffee reading, I felt like a cliche.


After my second coffee had long disappeared my exploring took me to the Rhône and the principle buildings which line its banks. I climbed to the top of the hill to gain uninterrupted views across the rooftops of the city. Having seen all I wanted I returned to the airport to wait until boarding commenced. Probably not a good thing with all the bus journeys coming up but I managed to finish my first book before check in even opened. The flight itself was the final one to leaves Lyon Airport at 2330, it arrived in Marrakech at 0200 (local). I paid for a taxi, having knocked down the price considerably, which took me to the centre of the city, unfortunately my hostel was down some alleys so it wasn’t a door to door service however a ‘helpful’ men took me to it which I wads actually thankful for as it would’ve taken me forever to work out the warren to get there in my tired state. A couple of dollars as tips was a suitable price for the lack of hassle it meant for me. I did however have to ring the bell a number of times before the owner answered. Sleep was much needed when I finally crawled into bed.

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