Desert Preparations

I woke quite late, hardly surprising after my late arrival, and was treated to a local breakfast made by the hostel owner, accompanied by my first mint tea of the trip, just as sugary as I remember when I last visited 6 years ago. My friend Nick, a fallow Army Officer was due to land at 1120 so I went to explore the souks before meeting him by the Koutoubia mosque.

After winding our way through a number of alleyways, Nick dropped his bags and we went for a traditional Moroccan lunch of mint tea and chicken cous cous which came out in a steaming tagine, we ate this whilst overlooking the main market square.

We then spent the next two and a bit hours trawling the souks, losing all sense of direction and bartering for the best price for various items which would assist us in our foray into the desert in the next couple of days. We both came away with handmade knitted hats, hand woven rugs and a jallaba each for just shy of $40, money well spent if it keeps us warm during the nights.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon packing our goods then finding a cheap place for food before heading to the bus station and embarking on a 23 hour bus journey to Dahkla in southern Western Sahara.


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