Sand, sea, stops

Today started on a coach travelling from Marrakech in Morocco all the way south to Dakahla in Western Sahara, the journey was 23 hours long. During the. journey. we slept, booth finished our books and also. stopped. multiple times. Most of these stops we worked out were for prayer but some seemed to be for tea breaks or just whenever the driver fancied it along with stops at random check points outside any town or the numerous bus stops along route, it seemed took us that we were halting every half an hour.

One of the many security checkpoints


Other than the stops the journey was spectacular, most the road stayed within 100m of the sea on our right hand side whilst we drove through mile after mile of nothingness except the odd camel or cluster of sand dunes which were welcome sights amongst the barrenness elsewhere.


Both of us were mightily relieved when we finally arrived in Dakahla, we found a place to sty then treated ourselves to a fancy(ish) restaurant and a couple of beers now we were outside a Muslim country once again. We have an early start tomorrow in order to make the border crossing when it opens.

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