Change of plan

We woke up in time to get to the Guinea embassy before it opened in order to beat any potential queues. Unsurprisingly there was nobody else waiting and we were able to speak to one of the workers who told us we required copies of our passports, Guinea-Bissau visa page and also our yellow fever certificates and also said we needed trousers to see the consulate and that we woyldnt be able to get the visa until 14/15:00. We duly got the copies but back at the room we realised that with the length of time (there was no ‘quick processing fee’) and the 24 hours needed for a Sierra Leone visa we wouldn’t be able to get to Freetown (Sierra Leone) on time and would almost certainly miss pur flight ion Christmas Eve and end up spending Christmas Day in West Africa.

Our only other option was to see what new flights we could book to get us home. We looked at options from Dakar (a regional hub) as well as from Bissau and although the ones from Dakar were quite a lot cheaper the hassle of 2 days travel to get there and the cost of transport wasn’t worth it. So we booked two flights from Bissau to Casablanca, where we hoped to be able to get our connecting flight back to the UK, on the 23rd.

After ridding our bank accounts of a sizeable sum we went for food and then explored the city of Bissau. It was actually a refreshing feeling knowing that we didn’t have to rush off to the transport hub at any time today and it was the first and only time during the trip that we would actually stay at then same hostel for more than 1 night. There isn’t much to do in Bissau although we did walk to the ‘port’ which was in an old colonial area, in its heyday it would’ve been very impressive now however it was rundown and dilapidated and you now need a 4×4 to traverse most the streets as they’re not paved and a lot have huge craters in them. We went to the local market and got went down some very small alleys right into the heart of everything, we eventually emerged back into the daylight which was of some relief. We enjoyed our time relaxing and having a day off from travelling around.

Just a reminder of where in the world we are

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