​We were at the airport by 0100, our flight left from Bissau to Casablanca at 0430 so we didn’t have to wait long until check in opened and we could go through security. We both attempted to sleep in the departure lounge but it wasn’t until we were aboard the plane that we could properly go to sleep.

After we landed we got a train into the center of the city and found a cute little cafe (with a cute little waitress) for a late breakfast. I had a Moroccan breakfast which was orange juice, bread and a tagine of egg and meat, which was amazing, as well as mint tea which was a pleasant change to weak coffee. 

Casablanca is a much larger city than many capitals in Africa, for a start it has high rise buildings which was a first since Dakar. Secondly it takes ages to walk anywhere so we got a taxi to our hostel one the otherwise of the city. Unfortunately our driver looked picking up other people as well and dropping them off ‘en route’ which meant a 10/15 minute journey turned into an hour which lasted even longer when it became apparent the driver didn’t know where we were going, after asking for directions 3 times we got out near to the hostel and walked the remainder to saved time and just get out of the taxi.  We decided too walk everywhere after that.

The hostel was like an up market backpacker hostel with social areas and decent enough rooms as well as good WiFi which made a pleasant change to Guinea-Bissau. We initially didn’t stay long as we went for walk back to the centre by the coast. The main (and arguably only) sight to see is the Hassan II Mosque which is the 13th largest mosque in the world and has the world’s tallest minaret. I will admit it was impressive and the inside is meant to be beautiful but due to the fact we turned up during Friday prayers we didn’t go in. The only other thing of note were the artisan shops which were interesting but nothing to the sheer scale of size, quantity or variety that Marrakech provided. 
We returned to the hostel to chill for a while then shower and pack before heading for dinner where we purposely chose food to use up our collective remaining money before getting the last train of the day to the airport where we had to wait (and yet again attempt to sleep). 

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