Travelling to Amman

Our flight left at 0315 this morning, thankfully we left plenty of time as we had a full search of our taxi on arrival at the airport and then had to go through a full security check before checking in. The check in however was straight forward and we bought a drink with the last of our money before making our way to our gate to wait for our first flight, to Istanbul.

In Istanbul we fell foul of a very deceitful ploy of the Turkish government, one which I had to comply with when travelling in the Middle East previously. Due to the fact we were getting a connecting flight but an internal one (within Turkey) we couldn’t go through the international connections route but instead had to pay $30 for a Turkish visa and go through passport control. Not ideal, especially as Emily wasn’t feeling too well and had to dash to the toilet whilst queuing.

On the other side we went straight to check in and went through to departures, a total waste of time. This second flight took us to Ankara where we thought we had an hour and a half wait for our third and final flight, to Amman, Jordan, however it had been delayed nearly two hours so we had a while to wait. Emily who was still feeling rough spent the time sleeping. The flight to Amman was uneventful but when we arrived we had to get a 45 minute bus into the city then a taxi to our hotel, when we finally arrived it was already 1730 and most the day was gone. Emily went to bed whilst I walked 25 minutes into the city centre for some food and to see some of the sights. Although by the time I got there I couldn’t go in but I was able to see the impressive Roman Amphitheatre and the main plaza.

A colourful man on some colourful steps

A long day of travel but it got me to my 57th country so I can’t complain.

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