Jordanian Dead Sea

​We caught an taxi first thing to the bus station where we were able to get a bus for £1 each to the Dead Sea, at least most of the way there.  The bus stopped at a junction about 5km from the Dead Sea so we got out, thankfully there was another minibus waiting to take us on for another small fee. 

Along the bank/coast of the Dead sea are a number of resorts and private hotels, on the Israel side I managed to sneak into one of these however there was no chance to do so here. Instead we paid to enter the cheapest, but still rather fancy, beach resorts, which included two swimming pools. We spent about an hour in the Dead Sea before showering and lounging around the pool for another 4/5 hours. A delightfully relaxing day spent swimming and reading which resulted in only slightly pink skin here and there. 

Our return journey was slightly different. We went onto the main road to attempt to flag down a taxi or minibus to take us back to Amman. The first vehicle which stopped however was a privately owned car which had excellent AC. On the route back we stopped at a Dead Sea health products shop for about 30 minutes where we were given free tea. The driver dropped us off just outside the city centre so we caught a taxi back to our hotel. Cheaper than our outward trip but probably slightly longer on the time. However I can now add Jordan to the list of countries I have hitchhiked in. 

 Emily still not feeling great decided to stay in but I wanted to see the Citadel before it shut so dashed to down town to make sure I got in before it closed. I made it with plenty of time and I was thankful that of wasn’t too hot for the steep climb to the top. I saw a short cut up some rocks and a small track, I had presumed it would take me to near the entrance but instead it took me inside the Citadel itself. Expecting to be shouted at to pay I nonchalantly walked away from where I had climbed up and briefly attached myself to a tour group to blend in. Nobody shouted at me so I was able to explore the Citadel for free, saving me £2.50. The Citadel itself was very interesting and gave excellent views across the rest of the city from its view point. It would’ve been worth the entrance fee.

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