Abu Simbel 


Having arrived in Aswan late last night we were up again at 0300 to leaves at 0315 to drive to Abu Simbel which was a few hours drive south, nearly on the Sudanese border. Most the journey for both of us was spent asleep as we still had many hours to catch up on. 

There are two temples at Abu Simbel, the Great Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor, both of which have been moved from their original site due to the construction of the Aswan Dam. They now sit 65m higher up. Our return journey was spent in much the same state as the way out. 

Temple of Hathor

Great Temple of Ramses II

Back in Aswan we decided to get fish for lunch at a local restaurant, we ordered small. Out came 3 fried fish (each) accompanied by bread and rice. The fish was perfectly cooked and fell away from the bone which was handy as we weren’t provided with any cutlery. We washed lunch down with a glass of fresh mango juice. 

We then went to the train station to book a ticket to Cairo for that evening, having waited patiently to get to the desk we were told to go to the desk next door, standing pour ground we were eventually told we could get a train at 1500 or 1600, but both prices were a lot higher than we had seen online. We decided we would risk it and hope we could get a bus instead. Back at the hotel we booked a bus for 2030 for half the price the train was going to cost us. 

Not wanting to waste the rest of the time we had in Aswan we went down to the river and walked along the front, admiring the many fancy restaurants and boats which lined its banks, which undoubtedly saw their heyday before 2011. At the end of the corniche was the Aswan Museum. It was closed until 1600 so we got a drink to pass the 20 minutes before it reopened. It was certainly worth the wait as it was an expertly laid out museum with displays in Arabic and English and there was a clear flow and direction to the museum. It was at the standard you would expect in a London museum. Its a shame that the Cairo Museum, which sees thousands more visitors, isn’t better presented. 

Dinner was another meal in a local restaurant, this time it consisted of bread, refried beans, strong cheese, chips, falafel and a cucumber and tomato salad. We made a few sandwiches Kurt of the assortment of ingredients which was suitably filling, I don’t think either of us was going to go hungry. Back at the hotel we didn’t have long to wait before we needed to go to the bus station, we caught a minibus to the station and the had about half an hour before our bus was boarded. It left at 2045 which belong only 15 minutes late be counted as on time.

Unfortunately my seats was broken so I was to endure no the most comfortable of trips ever. Emily on the other hand dropped off to sleep almost immediately.

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