Winding down in Cairo

​We arrived, after 12 hours on the bus, at just before 0900 and caught a taxi to the same hostel we had stayed at last time we were in Cairo, the staff even recognised us. We were assigned the room next to our previous one and after sorting out our things I went and enquired about breakfast. We are entitled to a free breakfast with our stay so I explained that we would be leaving very early tomorrow morning for the airport so wouldn’t have our breakfast and would it be possible for us to have it now. “Of course it is” replied the receptionist with a smile. It certainly saved us time and money.

Having seen everything in Cairo and Giza we wanted to already there was nothing left to ‘tick off’ so we had decided we would have a nice relaxed day at some pool swimming and sunbathing. We chose the Nile Country Club which was some way out of the centre. The location on google maps indicated that it was near the last stop on the Metro line so we boarded and about 45 minutes later we disembarked in one of Cairo’s slightly dilapidated suburbs, immediately it didn’t look thee types of area to host a country club, we persevered and made it to the dirty side street the club was meant to be on and unsurprisingly there was no country club. We then resorted to tracking down a taxi driver to take us there. We paid £1.50 for the privilege and arrived in style outside the Nile Country Club which rather unsurprisingly was perched on the bank of the world’s longest river. 

The receptionist originally said that the pool was full but he could sell us a room (for nearly twice the price). After a little bit of concussion we realised that a ‘room’ was a small cabin by the pool and they were only full because they had run out of sun loungers, when we said we didn’t mind having normal chairs he started to relax and even broke into a smile. We were granted access and provided with two chairs and a small table.  We then proceeded to spend the rest of the morning and moist the afternoon sunbathing and dipping into the pool to cool down, our last full day well spent. 

View of the Nile from the Country Club

To get back to Central Cairo and our hostel we walked about 15 minutes to the nearest Metro and then got on at a station 4 stops further down than we had got on at. The subsequent journey was marginally shorter but it felt ages as I had to stand the whole way.
We went for dinner at Abu Tarek again for more kushari which was as good as I remembered and then we went back to the hostel as we had a flight at 0540 tomorrow morning. Flying back to London via Casablanca. 

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