Ukrainian layover

​I caught train from Central London to Heathrow and briefly enjoyed an empty departures lounge (our flight was the second last of the day) before boarding and the wheels were up by 2310. I managed to go to sleep but the flight was only 3 hours so I was awake about an hour after falling asleep. We landed in Kiev at 0400 (local time) and I was through departures, with a new stamp in my passport by 0415.
Wanting to make the most of my 15 hour layover I went straight outside (after consulting the information desk) and hopped on a bus into the city centre. Like 4 out of the 5 ‘London’ airports this one was also not anywhere near the city. About 45 minutes after we left the airport we were dropped off at the main train station in Kiev.

I then spent the next hour and a half exploring and trying to find somewhere with free WiFi so I could actually load a map and work out where I wanted to go. I eventually found a coffee shop open at about half 6 and enjoyed an americano an a chocolate croissant whilst panning my days adventure. 

I spent up until 1400 exploring the whole city, taking plenty of pictures and walking a very long way (25km) St Michael’s Cathedral, Motherland Monument and the Great Patriotic War Museum and St Volodmyr’s Cathedral were some personal highlights but there were many building which had awe inspiring.

I did stop twice, once to grab a drink and the second time was for lunch. I had noticed a restaurant earlier in the morning which looked suitably cheap and local so around 1100 (I had been up for hours at this point) I backtracked to it. I had two plates of dumpings (one of the traditional Ukrainian foods) the first were fried and had meat in and the second plate were steamed and had potato, just what I needed. After a short respite I carried on exploring. 
I made my way back to the airport the way I had got in, on a direct transfer bus from the station. I waited about 45 before check in opened and then sailed through security and passport control and then made use of the free WiFi the other side to start planning for Kazakhstan.

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