Bishkek to the border

It was a slow morning today, started with a complimentary breakfast of bread and eggs with a coffee before chilling and reading. The girls were going back to Almaty today so the 3 of us went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant (recommended by one of their friends) where I had a chicken burrito. We then caught a taxi to the bus station, they were leaving and I wanted to purchase a rocket to Shymkent, in West Kazakhstan. After one misdirection I found the correct desk and promptly booked a 10 hour over night bus for about £6. 

I walked back from the bus station then blogged, planned my next day or two and used up the rest of my currency buying food for dinner and snacks for the road. I left for the return walk back to the bus station at 1930 and fort there just before 2100 which was plenty of time in advance of the 2130 departure. 

It took us two hours to get to the border. Once there we hsf to unload our luggage and join a short queue to be stamped out of Kyrgyzstan. We the walked across the short no man’s land to the Kazakh border control, here there was a huge queue of over 30 people (it only grew when we were waiting). Whilst waiting I got chatting to the only other traveller, a Dutch guy who’s heading for Uzbekistan and then south towards Iran. We got through ahead of the majority of our bus so had to wait an hour and a bit for everyone else, in total the crossing took two hours. 

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