Almaty again

​I arrived back at Almaty bus station at 0530 and after establishing that there were very few busses at this hour I decided to walk back into the centre. Other than stretching my legs properly for the first time in hours I was also fortunate enough to watch the sunrise whilst on my hour and a half long walk. I got to my hostel (the same one I had stayed in previously in Almaty)  around 0800 and thankfully I was able to check in and I’m was given a bed. After some catching up and a much needed shower I went for a nap as I had hardly slept on the bus. 

On waking I found it was lunch time so went in search of some food and found a restaurant where I had a vegetable soup and then a plate of mashed potato and beef (although on the menu it said chicken), washed down with an iced coffee. After a relaxing lunch I went for a wander to find Almaty Cathedral which is a colourful wooden building. It only took me about 20 minutes to get there but unfortunately there was a lot of construction going on and most of the building was covered up. Still you could tell it was an impressive building nonetheless.

Once back at my hostel I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading and planning the next couple of days, providing that is that I pick up my Uzbekistan visa tomorrow. For dinner I had a rice and beef dish accompanied by a bowl of fresh cucumber, tomatoes and peppers which was a welcome change to just carbs and meat. 

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