More fun at the Uzbekistan Embassy

​After a much required lie in I spent most of the morning sorting my stuff out and planning some more for Uzbekistan and how to get there. At about 12 I went for lunch and then onto the Uzbek Embassy for 1430 (it opens at 1500). When I arrived there was already dozens of people there and absolutely no form of queue. I just sat and waited and I was pleased to see that there were quite a few other tourists, one of whom spoke Russian (which is very similar to Kazakh) who translated for the rest of us. 

At about 1520 everyone who required an Uzbek visa was called forward first, once inside the consulate we all handed over our passports. Over an hour later the man who took them came pout and started reading names and handing out billing slips (you had to take these to the bank around the corner and pay $75). Straight away I was a little dubious as I could see a maroon coloured passport in his hand and I knew I wasn’t meant to be getting a visa until Thursday, there was also a blue (American one there). After all the names had been called there was just my passport and a middle aged American’s, who I had coincidentally been chatting to whilst we waited. We were asked if we had submitted an application (which we both had last week, the American had actually done his last Tuesday, a full week before).  We then had to wait a further 40 minutes whilst the man went away to look for our applications. He eventually came back and gave us the crippling blow of saying we had to come back on Thursday. There was no margin for negotiations. 
Having been at the embassy for over 3 hours I was I’m dire need of a drink so I found a caste with WiFi and started to plan again, looking at alternative ways of getting to Uzbekistan (now with a shorter time frame) and of getting home. At the moment it looks like I might be buying a flight home from Almaty and try and get a refund from Tashkent (Uzbekistan’s capital) and return and visit Uzbekistan properly in the future.

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