Lalibela’s rock churches

​After not much sleep I was awake at 0530 to go back to the airport. Jasper took me and refused to take any payment, a very generous couple. The airport was different to the one I arrived at as this was a domestic flight and it took quite a while jumping from queue to queue to get through scanner after scanner to ticket desk to passport control, eventually I was on the other side where I had a great view to watch the remainder of the sunrise and planes taking off.

My flight to Lalibela made a stop en route but we were there by 1000. The airport terminal was a small colourful building which you walked straight through and were met by an orderly line off taxi drivers. They were all next to each other with signs in front of them displaying which hotels they represented. An odd thing about Lalibela is the Airport is half an hour drive away from the mountain settlement so we were treated to a pleasant journey through the hills.

Lalibela Airport

The town itself straddles the main road, and stretches out along the ridgeline. The hotel I was staying at was called Blu Lal  Hotel and it was nothing fancy but I had a decent sized room with a bathroom. It also had a restaurant next door which I made good use of for my lunch which consisted of a plate of fried meat and bread. My previous travels to countries such as Nepal served me on good stead when I wasn’t given any cutlery and it was a finger scoop affair.

I explored the town a little then chilled until the ticket office reopened at 1400. Although by this point I knew I was going to view the whole area properly the next day I really wanted to go and see the Church of Saint George. It certainly didn’t disappoint. A truly remarkable feat of architecture, engineering and manpower. Photos don’t do the place justice.

Church of Saint George
Church of Saint George

For dinner I went exploring and an odd shaped building caught my eye at the edge of town, it was misshaped and perched on the edge. The prices were reasonable to I sat down and watched the sun set whilst enjoying a cold coke and a generous portion of a tomato chilli dish. All in all a much more positive day than yesterday. 

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