Laas Geel

​Laas Geel, the reason I came to Somaliland. Today was the day that we would go. Gautier and I were going in one vehicle and Paul and two Koreans (the only other tourists in Hargesia) were going in another one as they were then travelling onto Berbera, on the coast. We paid $55 dollars each for a driver and a security guard (the misshaped beret and AK were complimentary) and then a further $25 for entry to Laas Geel. 

Laas Geel is about 50km away from Hargesia and on their less than perfect roads took about an hour to reach the turn off from the main road then its another 3km to reach the bottom of the hill which has the cave paintings. Both of us were excites as were drove along passing herds of camels and goats as we had both been wanting to visit Laas Geel for a couple of years since first seeing it and now the time had come.

There is a short walk up to the first of 7 caves and it was more impressive than anything we had expected. Experts say that the paintings in the 7 caves date from 9000BC – 3000BC so up to 11000 years old a d they are preserved so well. Dozens of the paintings which depict all sorts of images (cows, people, dogs, elephants, giraffes, antelope)  could’ve been painted last week they are that clear. Truly remarkable and amazing to see before they become over visited or damaged. Worth the money, time and effort to get there. 


Another cow

Depiction of a man wirh his dog
Me with my body guard/guide

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