The Kandy shop

​After a very pleasant breakfast on our first morning in Sri Lanka we were driven to the bus station where we promptly boarded a bus bound for the hill country. Unfortunately enough the bus itself didn’t leave too promptly so we were waiting about an hour before it was deemed full enough to being the journey from Negombo (just north of Colombo) to Kandy, an old British hill station.

Negombo bus station

The bus made frequent stops and was soon so full people were crammed in the aisle, the seats themselves were built for small Sri Lankans not Europeans so I was half faking out of my seat the whole 3 hour journey. We finally arrived, much to both our relief.  After finding our bearings we went too found some food, we found a local restaurant which served all varieties of curry and accoutrements, Harri went for a for a curry whilst I selected a chicken dish which was yummy. We then made our way, via a cafe for a drink, to our hostel.

The place we were staying was called Hipsters Hideout Lounge and despite its cringy name was actually a decent place to stay. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring and visiting the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. The temple (supposedly) holds a tooth, snatched from the funeral pyre, from Buddha. The temple was quite an impressive building and after handing over our shoes we were allowed entry. Inside, the walls and roofs were adorned with colourful murals. The tooth itself is set behind a wall or two and held in numerous boxes so you can’t see it although this doesn’t put off the thousands of devotees who pray to it everyday. 

The temple of the tooth

After we had seen everything in the temple complex we made our way back to the hostel and enjoyed an evening at the bar/restaurant. We both had a very hot Thai Green Curry, washed down with a couple of drinks, whilst we listened to a live band, not a bad ending to our first full day in Sri Lanka. The nighttime however wasn’t as good, we were both tired from the flight and the time zone difference but the combination of the band/fan/temperature and humidity kept both of us awake a lot of the night.

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