​We woke to the sound of the blue train rumbling past our room and on looking out we had an incredible view over the valley. We sat and enjoyed the view over a massive breakfast before heading into Ella town centre along the rail tracks.

Today we explored the surrounding area and the first thing we saw was an incredibly interesting tea factory. We were given an informative brief about tea manufacture and the different grades/types and then were shown around the factory which was sweltering. Back in Ella we had a yummy lunch, mine came wrapped in a banana leaf, and a coffee before heading slightly down the hill to Rawana Falls, a large waterfall just off the main road. The falls were pretty busy but few people were actually swimming, mainly because it wasn’t that warm, despite the brisk temperature of the water we booth swam around for quite some time before getting out. 

We were travelling down to the coast but had a little time to wait do we made use of a vibey coffee shop and it’s free WiFi before getting a very hot and sweaty 5 hour bus down to the coast. For the first hour we were both standing until someone got up and left and Harri got too sit down and then of was about another hour until I got a seat. Finally, late in the evening, we arrived at the coast but we still had to get a 20km tuktuk (it cost just less than £4) to where we were staying.

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