Beach Holiday

​For the first night of our trip we permitted ourselves a lie in. We got up at 0900 and had a complimentary breakfast before going in search of a massage. We looked at a couple of places before it was a case of third time lucky. What proceeded was a much needed hour of relaxation. 
Not wanting to work too hard today we went and found a beach  where we spent the rest of the morning, beginning the work on our tans in earnest. Lunch was found at a local place and was in the form of fried rice. For the afternoon we caught a tuktuk and drove up the coast, past dozens of white same beaches before we arrived at a far more secluded one. At this beach there were local men fishing in the traditional way, sat on stilts in the sea. We spent the rest of the afternoon there and I even had a go on the palm tree swing which was seriously good fun.

For dinner we walked the half an hour to the nearest town and after struggling to get into one restaurant because it was full we were seated in a fancy, on the beach, fish restaurant. We ordered drinks then were able to pick our fish from the display counter where they were weighed and whisked away. When our prawns returned with our fish we both agreed they were cooked to perfection and some of, if not the nicest ones we had ever eaten.  We were both full of fish by the end and very content, I was slightly worried as how much the meal would cost as they only had prices per 100g however I need not have worried as the whole meal, with drinks, came to just under £25. All in all an amazing day. 

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