​We got a tuktuk from our hostel to Unawatuna central where we found a vibey cafe for breakfast and one of the first notice cups of coffee of the trip. We then went and waited outside Pearl Divers office as we had been instructed to when we booked. After a short while a tuktuk driver started a conversation with us and proceeded to tell us that if we were SCUBA diving then we would need to go to their other office and rang them to prove he was belong genuine. 

Harri on the way to the dive site

We arrived to the other offices slightly later than the requested half 8 however we quickly signed the declaration forms and were kitted out with equipment. On our small boat there was just the two of us an a Swiss man. Our first dive was a 15m reef dive which had a good number of Napoleon fish which were each easily the same weight as Harri or me. Our second dive was about  20m deep and we were fortunate enough to have a huge whale shark swim overhead, it must have been about 10 or 11 metres long. It was quite humbling to be in the presence of such a large powerful animal.

After the excitement of the morning we were both hungry so had a plate of grilled prawns and one of deep fried prawns to share before laying our towels on the beach and enjoying the sun and sea. After a showed to freshen up at the new place we were staying (a lot more central) we went out for dinner.

Unawatuna beach

Dinner was again on the beach but at a slightly cheaper restaurant called Hot Rock.  This one specialised in curries and not fish and did that show. We ordered three curries and rice and we both agreed they were the tastiest of the trip so far and some of the nicest pones we had ever eaten. The only dampener was the English family on a table nearby who had a very loud obnoxious son.  

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