​We had decided we would do two days of diving and on our second day we walked along the beach to the office in the morning and made it on time. Our first dive was with a larger group and took us further out to a different reef, it was a fun dive although it was just lots of different varieties of fish rather than any larger animals. Our second dive however we saw Blue Spotted Sting Rays, an octopus and two turtles which was a great highlight. 

With still plenty of other places to explore we got our bags from where we had stayed and made our way to the main road to pick up a bus. En route we stopped off for noodles and kottu for lunch which took an absolute age to make but wasn’t bad when it finally arrived. We hailed a bus heading the Galle (pronounced Gaul) and paid less than 10p each for the privilege. 

Once in Galle we attempted to purchase a train ticket for the next day to Colombo but to no avail, apparently you cant book a ticket a day ahead. We instead then went to Galle Fort which was built by a combination of the Portuguese, Dutch and most recently the British and is a mix of their colonial influences, the result is an extremely pretty, secluded area of the city. We were fortunate enough to be staying inside the fort at a beautiful hotel. 

View from our balcony

After checking in to the hotel we then went exploring around the old fort, walking down the historic streets and alleys, climbing the ramparts and wandering along looking at the sea whilst reading a little about the historical mêlée we were passing through. 

For dinner Harri’s dad treated us to dinner at the Galle Fort Hotel, a place he had stayed at over 20 years ago. It was beautifully furnished, the decor was simple but classic and there was a live saxophonist who played throughout the evening, I doubt the pace has changed much in the last two decades or indeed the last two centuries.  We got the Alle Carte menu and I had smoked salmon, then chicken for main and we both had a delicious tirimasu for desert. An excellent evening to a really fun day. 

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