Back to the city

​We had a leisurely start and go the most out of the comforts our room provided before heading back down to the train station, this time we were successful in the purchase of tickets. Two second class tickets to Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka).

Colombo station

We thankfully managed to get a seat for the 2.5 hour journey up the coast to Colombo. Once we arrived we had to physics!!y fight our way off the train and along the platform. Once outside the station we had about a 20 minute walk through the bustling streets to our hostel. The hostel was on the third floor of a building in a decidedly non-tourist area of the city however we were greeted by the friendly owner just after arriving. We dropped our stuff and headed back out for lunch and to explore. Lunch we had at an Indian restaurant (recommended by the hostel owner) and we had one of the tastiest and cheapest meals we had had during the trip. 

We walked to the ‘old town’ which was across the city. Along the way we walked through a large food market which sold every type of fruit or vegetable as well as spices and dried fish, this !market then led onto a more typical clothing and home market. Not that we bought anything but it was interesting to walk through. When we finally got to the area we had to check we were in the correct place as it didn’t look or feel like a historical centre. There was no particular vibe to it and the historical ‘landmarks’ were surrounded by offices. We did visit the old Dutch Hospital which has now been converted into an upmarket shopping and restaurant district, we could only afford a coke. 

An array of dried fish
A market seller displaying his ‘oranges’

Once slightly hydrated we walked round the corner to ‘The Green’ an area by the coast where local residents go to chat and hangout in the evenings. We walked the length of the promenade in front of the green and stopped to shared a beer at the far end, watching the sun drop lower in the sky. We then made the reverse trek back across the city to our hostel. For dinner we went back to thee same Indian restaurant because it was so good at lunch. We got a reasonably early night as we were getting up early for a flight back to London the next day.

Harri on the promenade by The Green
Harri at dinner

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