Cairo Layover

I had a late flight leaving London Heathrow so the six hour flight meant I arrived at Cairo International Airport at 0430, long before anyone should be awake on a Saturday morning. I had about 9 hours before I needed to be back at the airport to catch my flight onto Khartoum in Sudan. Having already visited Cairo last summer there wasnt anything I desperately wanted to see however I thought I couldn’t come to Egypt without going to the pyramids. 

Downtown Cairo

The pyramids are not in central cairo, they’re not even in central Giza but on the outskirts so it took me two separate taxi rides (one from the airport to down town and another one to the pyramids) to save money (it would be been more expensive to get a taxi direct from the airport). By this point it was about 0615 which is 45 minutes before the entrance starts admitting tourists. I went and found some breakfast and a drink and returned in time to be front of the queue to get in. My glee however was short lived as the ticket office dosing take cards or dollars so I was turned away and spent 15 minutes finding an ATM to withdraw some Egyptian Pounds. 

Finally in I spent the next couple of hours wandering around the pyramids and surrounding area, at one point there was a camel train wandering across the sand on one of the far out reaches of the complex, I’m sure I was the only tourist to see it go by. By this point it was getting rather hot and I was rather tired from my lack of proper sleep so I decided to call an end on my Cairo adventure so I walked 5 minutes down the road away from the crowds and pyramids and hailed a taxi, after some fierce negotiating we settled on 150 Egyptian Pounds (£6) to take me all the way back to the airport. I spent the next few hours chilling out and reading before flying to Khartoum.

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