​I arrived in Khartoum last night and Nick (a friend I work with), who had already landed, met me at the airport. We dropped my things off at the hotel and went out for an explore and some food. We ended up at a restaurant which had the Sweden vs Germany football game on, we were very outnumbered in supporting Sweden.

This morning we walked across the city to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to register that we had actually arrived in Khartoum, easier said than done. We had to queue up to get in and when we got to the front of the queue I was told I couldn’t come in because I had a hole in my trousers (or that’s what it appeared to be) after a bit of back and forth I managed to get through. We then had to get our photos taken and photocopies of our passports and visas in a small booth on the left when we got in.  Once we had these in hand we were then introduced to a man called Abuzar who was going to help us out. He led us through into the main hall where there were dozens of desks, most of which only had Arabic signs. Thankfully Abuzar had it in hand and went from desk to desk with our growing pile of documents. A couple of times Nick or I went to find him as he had comes out of sight with our passports however he always came back and told us just to wait. 


Eventually the process was completed and we were invited to have lunch at a local stall with Abuzar and his brother, after an hour and a half, 2 different dishes, juice and coffee we were done, I quick payment of about $20 each and we were done. Abuzar was a genuinely very friendly guy and it was nice to spend a couple of hours with him chatting. In the afternoon we spent some time trying to organise going to the Meroe pyramids but to no avail. We did however go to the museum which had an excellent display of historical artefacts and information, especially the Nubian culture which neither of us knew too much about, it’s closely linked with Egypt so there were a lot of cultural similarities.


In the evening we went for dinner and then we had arranged to meet up with a guy called Paul who I had connected with on Instagram afterwards for a drink (strictly non alcoholic in a Muslim country).We were meeting him at a place called Plaza  Hotel but unfortunately for us on google maps there is more than one Plaza Hotel and unfortunately we went to the wrong one first. However when we did get there we spent the evening chilling and drinking juice. Paul showed us where he lived in an apparent t near by and we’ve agreed to  meet up again gonna few days to go and watch so!e Nubian wrestling. 

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