Exploring Khartoum

​We had a bit of a lie in and then went back across town to the Acropole Hotel to organise visiting the pyramids in the North of the country. We left $290 lighter in the pocket but with a driver booked for tomorrow to take us to four different ancient Nubian sights.

Not far from the hotel is the Nile River Yacht Club which is rather rundown and has definitely seen its heyday however it does also hold a hidden gem in the boat the General Kitchener sailed to Khartoum over 100 years ago. Not in excellent repair and currently being used as a house for the caretaker it too has seen better days but it was an interesting piece of history to see and explore around. 

We then wandered along the Blue Nile river , witnessed the president drive pass in a very fast motorcade, then along a road which had a number of governmental buildings along it, these included the navel authority and the aviation authority, both building were shaped like a ship and a plane respectively. A odd sight. 

We also went to the commonwealth war cemetery which has graves from 1885 to 1954 and as always was a very humbling experience.

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