Trouble with trains

Today we left our hotel to walk across the city to have breakfast (more parnatha) and then to visit the City Palace. There were a few varieties of entrance ticket ranging from Rs150 (£2) up to Rs3000 (£40), neither of us could really understand the massive price difference so we opted for the cheapest option and once inside it appeared that we had access to everywhere so definitely the correct choice. It was quite fun just to wander around the courtyards and take loads of pictures of the impressive architecture.



We then caught a ride in a moto-rickshaw to the train station where we hit a slight hiccup in our plan. We struggled to find our train to Jodhpur (this was 1120 and it was due to leave in an hour), after finding a member of staff who spoke English he helpfully told us it had been delayed by two hours. A delay wasn’t a massively big deal as we wanted to get some lunch anyway, which we did at a station-side restaurant (dal, rice and matter paneer [our 5th curry of the trip]). After eating we decided to check if our train was still delayed as much, it was. The new arrival time was 1455… Thankfully there was an air-conditioned waiting room (entry was free with our class of ticket) where we could read and where we watched the best part of a film. After many, many checks (the poor lady must have hated us) and an early dinner (some more curry [6]) we boarded our train at 1608 during a monsoon deluge so we were soaked by the time we got on board. We have a lot of rain in the UK however I have never seen anything quite like the rain we experienced at the station, just the sheer volume of water falling was overwhelming.


The train ride was 6 hours which was spent reading, watching films and napping, luckily, we had a four-berth section of the carriage to ourselves so we could spread out. It wasn’t the most enjoyable journey either of us had done, especially after such a long wait however we arrived in Jodhpur and got a moto-rickshaw to our hotel where we were greeted by a super friendly owner before a quick shower and a much-needed sleep.


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